Glass Polisher

How it works

Our glass polishers have been designed to dramatically cut the amount of time your staff are polishing glasses. Our model 500 glass polisher is a unique piece of technology with air blown buffers that actually dry from the top down to ensure sparklingly clean glasses after every operation. Compact but effective, this table top model is ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels and cafes.

By using CaterSave Europe’s innovative glass polishing machines, not only will your staff thank you for taking them away from repetitive glass polishing tasks, but your cleaner and more hygienic glasses will also delight your customers.

Save Huge Amounts of Time and Money

Our new model 500 glass polisher is able to speed up the glass polishing time. Our customers are spending 10-15% of the time polishing glasses

Eradicate breaks and injuries

Our glass polishers have been shown to dramatically reduce breakages in the polishing process, staff can now just hold the glass gently without having to put their hands inside. It’s almost impossible to break a glass with this machine; when used correctly.

Highest Standard Polish

The quality of the polish will always be the same, every time you use the machine. Making sure no customer will complain of smudges or water marks on the glass.

The Brand New look

The glass polisher uses high performance buffers, that create a gleam on your glass. Making the glasses on the table look brand new.

No More Mundane Tasks

Polishing cutlery by hand for more than 5 minutes is a tedious job and after an hour the staff members have lost focus. The smiles we see once a machine is installed makes our own staff happier!

Boosts Staff Moral

Using granulate ensures the cutlery is polished all over, and over time the shine of the cutlery will begin to get better and better!
Glass Polisher

How to use the machine


Wash glasses as usual


Turn on Glass polisher and the buffers will start to rotate


Place one glass at a time over the central buffer


The surrounding buffers will then spin whilst warm air circulates through them


Remove glass and gentle hole the base on to the rotating buffers


Repeat 3-5 until all glasses are shining ready for the table