The machine

Our Cutlery Polisher

Our cutlery polishers have been designed to optimise and streamline the drying and polishing process in the restaurant industry. Taking away the need to hand polish, these machines save huge amounts of time and money with other benefits for staff and customers. We offer a free seven day trial with our machines, this gives you a chance to test the machine out on site without making any commitments.

Save huge amounts of time and money

With the fastest machine on the market, you can polish up to 250 pieces of cutlery a minute. Making it 10x faster than hand polishing

Destroy bacteria and virus’

Not only do our machines dry and polish your cutlery they also sanitise them! Our machines are installed with a UV lamp that eliminates bacteria and virus’. Proven to kill Corona Virus!

A Consistent Highest Quality Polish

Our machines use de-dusted, tiny pieces of granulate that ensures your cutlery comes out dried, polished and sparkling ready for the table. Our smaller granulate ensures that every tiny crevasse sparkles!

Free up your staff

Whilst staff are no longer polishing cutlery for hours on end, their time can be spent on customers and higher priority tasks

Boosts staff morale
and saves their time

The mundane task of polishing cutlery by hand causes staff to lose focus and their morale has been proven to drop. Our machines take away this repetitive and demoralising job. Your staff will be smiling ear to ear when a cutlery polisher is installed!

Brand New Look

Using the ancient method of polishing metals with granulate improves the shine of all your cutlery over time. You will start to see the shine get better and better, resulting in your cutlery looking brand new once again!
The machine

How to use the machine


Switch on the Machine 10-15 minutes before use, ensuring the bed of granulate is warm.


Wash cutlery as normal and either; place directly into the machine still wet or leave in water to soak. (Cutlery must be wet before entering the machine!).


Place handfuls of 6-10 pieces of cutlery every 5 seconds (allow previously placed cutlery to move around the machine to prevent jamming).


After 20-30 seconds cutlery will begin to leave the machine onto the tray; dried, polished and sparkling, ready for the table.

About the machine

How to check

The Motor

Catersave have sourced the fastest, most reliable and efficient motor on the market. Turn on the machine and allow to run for 5 minutes and make sure the granulate is circulating around the machine. The machine should be very quiet with a soft humming.

The UV Light

Inside the machine, there is an ultraviolet light that destroys bacteria and virus’ from the cutlery. This is an essential part of the machine that sanitises the cutlery. UV light has proven to kill virus’ such as corona virus. Make sure the a blue light is emitting from the machine.

The Heater

The heater gently heats the bed of granulate that dries and transports the cutlery through the machine. To check the heater is working; simply check the heater light at the front of the machine.

The Granulate

The granulate is the husk of corn, ground down into tiny parts that absorb water when wet cutlery is placed onto it. The tiny parts can get into the cervices of the cutlery that hand polishing can not reach. The grain can should be changed ever 4-6 weeks, when properly used.

Please see the grain section for information on how to change the grain. Please book a service if your heater or motor is not working.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I increase my profit margin?

Simple, most restaurants are wasting hours on manual labour polishing and drying cutlery. Having a cutlery polisher will cut down your manual labour costs by 10 times.  If your staff are spending over an our a day polishing cutlery, these machines will save you over £3000 per year just on the labour.

How do I deal with staff shortages?

One of the biggest benefits to using a cutlery polisher is they never have a sick day. If you are understaffed, these machines become a life saver. Instead of two staff members spending hours polishing cutlery and rushing around to get everything prepared for the next service. You can cut this time by 90% and would only need one person.

How do I improve the shine of cutlery?

Our cutlery polishers use de-dusted grain, which has been used for centuries to polish precious metals such as gold and silver. As you continue to use the cutlery polisher, the refined granulate is able to polish in the gaps of the cutlery where hand polishing cannot. Over time, this will improve the shine of your cutlery and bring back the sparkle.

How do I sanitise my cutlery?

Our cutlery polishers are fitted with an Ultra Violet lamp, which sanitises the cutlery and destroys bacteria and virus’. It is vital in our society to become more hygienic, especially in the hospitality industry. By using our machines you will add an extra defence against passing bacteria and virus’.

Should I rent or purchase a Cutlery Polisher?

There is both a case for renting and purchasing a Cutlery Polisher. Each customer is different, some prefer to buy outright and have complete ownership, whereas some prefer to have a monthly charge with servicing and replacement grain all inclusive. This will be discussed within your trial period to find out which best suits you.