The demo

Book a Free Trial

It is an incredible opportunity, when will you ever get to test out a machine on site for a week with no obligation, completely free of charge?

We will deliver the machine, demonstrate to relevant staff how to use it and leave it on site for a week! All you will need is a plug socket and lots of cutlery and/or glasses to polish!

The free trial will give you the ability to understand how much time and money you will save and how much your staff will love the unit. Shining cutlery, sparkling glasses and smiling staff; more time, more money and a streamlined drying and polishing process. It’s a no brainer!

Book your free trial now!

If you book a demonstration before the end of March receive a 20% discount on all rentals and purchases.

The demo

How the Trial Works

1. Select a day and time that is convenient for you

2. We will bring a machine to you

3. Find a suitable place for the machine and train your staff how to use it

4. Leave the machine with you for seven days to test out and see its huge time and money saving benefits in real life

The demo

After the Trial

If you decide that the you would like have a cutlery polisher, we will discuss what is the best option for you. Whether you would prefer to rent a machine or purchase one out right, is completely up to you and your preference. We have listed the reasons for each below;

Renting the Machine

1. Completely looked after by us

2. Monthly servicing

3. Grain replacement and UV lamp replacement

4. Replacement machine if anything goes wrong (unusual!)

5. Fully all inclusive with staff training 

6. 24/7 Service line

Purchasing the Machine

1. Complete ownership

2. Service contract

3. 2 Years parts and labour warrantee

4. Monthly Grain delivery

5. 24/7 Service line